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I. Build Contact Form

<!-- here we add our contact forms -->
{% block content %}
<div class="contact">
<h3>Contact us</h3>
<!-- Just here i use "url_for" to call the function get_contact.
This function return the html…

  1. a mobile layout in which only the logo and a toggle button will be visible by default and users can open and close the menu using the toggle,
  2. a tablet layout in which we will show two call-to-action buttons between the logo and toggle in the…

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  • The first limitation of using print is that wen you want to move your script to production, you move all prints too and sometime they are not needed.
    All this prints will just create noises on your script and make it less readable.
  • You can’t disable all print outputs or some of them
  • You can’t create create different severity level for your messages

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I. Tips For Univariate Analysis

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  1. Understand The Client Need

Login Page Flask Example

High Cardinality
  • Label Encoder : Replace string values by integer classes [0, 1, 2, 3…]
  • Dummy Encoder : This method consist on creating n new variables of
    {0, 1}. This method is not very practical and processing time will significantly increase.
  • Aggregating Values…

Univariate analysis


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